Come Celebrate the Changes – 5th June 2018

The Crown is celebrating the changes that Channel 5’s Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi and her team brought about and will be airing the show on multiple screens on Tuesday, 5th of June when it airs on Channel 5 at 9 pm.

It takes a brave person to admit that things aren’t going well and takes an even braver person to seek help to change, and that is just what The Crown landlord Alan Walters did! Seeking the help of Channel 5’s Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi.

Seven years ago, Alan took on the Crown hoping it would set him up for retirement. But now at 69 years old, he is still working every hour of every day just to get by. With the Crown failing to pull any profit, no pension in place and no Plan B, Alan is desperate for Alex’s help.

Come and join us to celebrate the changes!  Why not book a table and enjoy our amazing food before the show starts. Call 01672 540214 to reserve your table.