Sunday night at “The Crown”

Italian flatbread pizza and steak night

Pizza and a pint of guest ale or a glass of house wine £11

“All pizzas are based with a tomato sauce and mozzarella”

“Our pizzas”

The four cheeses

Feta, cheddar, goats and parmesan

Seaside special

Smoked salmon, crab and crayfish

Totally meat feast

Meatballs, pepperoni and honey ham

Duck off

Smoked duck, olive oil tomatoes and pesto


Cheeses and tomatoes

 Hawaii five o

Pineapple and ham

 “Our beef”

 “Our beef is locally reared and is dry aged for 30 days”

 “All beef is served with confit of cherry tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms and pepper sauce”

 Flat-iron £14

 Rib of beef £18

 T bone of beef £24

Some of our dishes contain gluten, nuts, soy and other allergens. Please bring any allergies to our attention when ordering.

Pre-booking is recommended for tables of 8 or more. (GF) Gluten Free, (V) Vegetarian