The Picotee Crown Cup

Picotee Flower Group

It is interesting to note that back in the 1830’s Aldbourne had a flower show. In July 1834 the Reading Mercury reported that…a ‘Picotee show’ had been held on 18 July in The Crown Hotel at Aldbourne, when some beautiful pans of Dowers were exhibited …

In August 1835, the Reading Mercury reported that On Friday last a Picotee shew was held at the Crown Inn, Aldbourn at which a Gne collection of Dowers were exhibited, attracting the attention of the inhabitants of the place and the neighbourhood

It seems that Picotee is a term relating to flowers tinged on the petal tips with another colour. In the Victorian era that was most often carnations. However the modern catalogues refer to varieties of almost any species as “Picotee” if it has a tinge of colour on the petal tips. In honour of this old tradition we now have a category in the Produce Show for such flowers.

The Crown Picotee Cup wi II be presented to the winner of this class. Produce Show 10th September 2017