The Dog’s Dinners

Don’t forget the Dog!

We are a dog-friendly establishment. We even cater for them too!

Main course Each £1.80

Sensitive – Fish & Potato
21% fish  47% Potato  7.5% Peas

Lamb & Rice
30% Lamb  48% Rice

Chicken & Rice
29% Chicken  49% Rice

Treats £1.80

Moist Meaty Rolls
Our most popular Gluten-free treat. Thin rolls of delicious meaty gluten-free treat

Yoghurt Snaps
Sugar-free and  made with low-fat ingredients and covered in a delicious yoghurt coating

Natural Jerky Fish Skins – Small
Smal tried fish skins. Sourced & made in the UK (Grimsby). Low-fat grain free, gluten free. wheat free. Hypoallergenic and very tasty! 2cm cube.

All meals made in Britain and no artificial flavouring, gluten-free

Please clean up after your dog responsibly just ask a member of staff if you need a bag

Every item of Oscar Pet Foods high nutrition food range

Contact your local Oscar nutritional advisor Tracey Espelund on 01793 763760 or 07769 973410

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